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    The original, and still the best, rocky mountain land yacht.
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    Phasmid is the world's first renter of bear spray.
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    Phasmid is the only rental car company that provides cars that can safely explore Montana at anytime...
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Car rental and camping gear rentals for Bozeman, Big Sky, and Yellowstone National Park

Bozeman’s premier car rental and outdoor gear rental agency. Next to the Bozeman Airport (BZN), we provide unparalleled convenience and service. Phasmid Adventure Rentals is a brick-and-mortar, independent, locally owned car rental agency, in business since 2010 and consistently the best reviewed car rental agency in Bozeman.

Private Bozeman Airport service is included, 24/7 by appointment, for no additional charge. Our location is less than than 5-minutes away from BZN, whereas our competition is 20+ minutes away. Plus, with Phasmid you never have to wait in line or search for your rental car in a massive parking lot.

Car rentals through Phasmid are all-inclusive and we never up-sell for products or insurance you do not need. Included in our car rental rates: all mileage, all taxes and fees, private Bozeman airport or local hotel pick-up/ drop-off service, and we do not charge for additional named drivers on the rental policy. When you rent a car through Phasmid, you will be on the road before everyone else starts waiting in line for their rental car.

Phasmid also offers an extensive line of rental items for Montana outdoor adventures. We are currently Bozeman’s sole provider of rental bear spray and car camping gear. We also rent roof-top ski boxes, child seats, baby gear, fly-fishing equipment, coolers, optics, camp cooking kits and much more. Although rental gear walk-ins are welcome, we prefer scheduling an advance appointment so we can make sure our guest’s needs are met.

Bozeman Rental Cars. Rental Camping Gear. Rental drift boats. Superior Service. Locally Owned. Passionate for Montana Outdoors.

  • Number 1: Reviews
    The best reviewed car rental agency in Bozeman, MT. Number 1 is result from the combination of th...
  • Bozeman car rentals with superior service
    Number 2: The Service
    Passionate about Montana and your Experience. Phasmid is founded on two primary principles: 1) Cr...
  • Number 3: Value
    Because the quality of your experience is valuable. We have long yammered on about our pricing an...
  • Number 4: Local
    The right advice can make a big difference. At Phasmid we realized a long time ago that the differe...
  • Phasmid's Auggie
    Number 5: Auggie
    Meet Auggie, Office Dog Extraordinaire This is an odd reason to include, but it has been such a r...
  • French Team 2013
    Number 6: All Inclusive
    Renting a car doesn't have to suck. Part of the the reason the founder of Phasmid started a renta...
  • Phasmid supports Montana Conservation
    Number 7: License Plates
    Supporting conservation efforts in Montana. Although it may seem like a small thing, but the way ...
  • Bozeman Airport Car Rentals
    Number 8: Convenience
    Car Rentals, Montana Style You will be on the road by the time everyone else starts waiting in line...
  • 10-Ply Tires on Bozeman Rental Cars
    Number 9: Better Tires
    Better tires make a BIG difference. WHY WE UPGRADE TO 10-PLY TIRES ON OUR RENTAL SUBURBANS Stand...
  • Phasmid Rentals Key Chains
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  • AWD and 4WD Rentals Cars for Bozeman
    Number 11: Safety
    The only place in Bozeman that will guarantee a 4WD or AWD rental car. Safer and superior SUV renta...
  • Bozeman Camping Gear Rentals
    Number 12: Rental Gear
    Rental cars AND everything else you need for Montana adventures. Phasmid is the first and only co...