April 2013

What not to do in Yellowstone National Park

The bears in Yellowstone are definitely awake. Went to the park over the weekend to see if the buffalo have started calving (they have not) and immediately stumbled upon a male grizzly munching on roots and grubs right along the side of the road at the bottom of the Lamar Valley. Although compared to the […]

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Montana State University’s Rodeo

Montana State University puts on an annual Bobcat Rodeo at the end of every school year. Everyone comes out to this rodeo, which is always located inside Brick Breeden Fieldhouse. First Rodeo experience ever and it will never be forgotten.

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Phasmid Featured in French Mountain Biking Magazine

“…de conseils et d’un sens du services remarquables.” The recent issue of Velo Vert just arrived in our mailbox today, courtesy of previous guest Christophe Jobic, featuring an article on winter mountain biking in Yellowstone National Park – and reviews of the Salsa Beargrease bike. Can’t say that my highschool French has allowed me to […]

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Car Rental Fees Explained

BZN Car Rental Fees

Explaining Car Rental Fees at Bozeman Airport Although at Phasmid Rentals we do not have a superfluous list of additional fees, all of our car rental agency competitors here in Bozeman do. The following should help explain what these fees are if you do choose the competition. The rental car business (and rental agreement) is […]

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Copper: New Restaurant Review

Great new Bozeman Venue The long anticipated opening of Bozeman’s newest establishment, Copper, has come. Former managers of the downtown staple, Bacchus, have paired up with investors, the former chef of Boodles, and the prime service staff from other Bozeman establishment to create the newest ‘grown-up’ venue in Bozeman. We went on the second night […]

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Photo of the Week, April 4, 2013

Yellowstone Golden Eagles

This week’s photo is shared with us from one of our previous guests, Mr. Brad Sheard. Brad spent a week in the Lamar Valley photographing wildlife. This image demonstrates the difficulty and unforgiving nature of spring in YNP. Whether or not the eagles killed the baby (bison?) or if it died naturally is unknown.   […]

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