April 2014

Road Trip: Big Sheep Creek Scenic Byway

Sunrise heading into Dell. January 14, 2012 Road trip: Big Sheep Creek Byway Photos and story by Will Casella Explorebigsky.com Contributor Dillon The town of Dillon sits at the crossroads of state Highway 41 and Interstate 15, on the banks of the Beaverhead River, in Beaverhead County. Named after the unique rock formation on the Jefferson […]

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Smoked Trout Tostadas

August 21, 2011 Posted by ADMIN in EXPLORE, LIFESTYLE, MONTANA, OUTDOORS Click to share this Montana cuisine: trout on the grill Recipe and photo by Will Casella Smoked trout, Bing cherry salsa, and kiwi rum chili vinaigrette tostadas HOT SMOKED TROUT • 2 large fillet or 4 smaller fillets • Salt and pepper • Mirin to add color (not required) • Smoking chips […]

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Phasmid in Associated Press Article

Small Montana businesses get some big press Washington D.C. based journalist Desmond Butler recently decided to try his hand writing about his true passions: fly-fishing and Montana. The results are impressive so far. Butler, a foreign affairs journalist for the Associated Press, published an article titled “Swollen rivers, but great fly fishing in Montana,” on […]

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Road Trip: Ennis to Centennial Valley

Published in Explore Big Sky by Phasmid’s Will Casella. Ennis to the Centennial Valley Guided road trip and photos by Will Casella Southwest Montana’s small towns and public lands offer endless exploration for locals and visitors alike. From casual scenic drives to hardcore backcountry adventures, Montana is what you make of it. The key is to […]

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Phasmid Rentals: Huffington Post


For the Huff Post Reader: Swollen rivers, but great fly fishing in Montana           DESMOND BUTLER | August 3, 2011 05:12 PM EST |  Compare other versions » TWIN BRIDGES, Mont. — Ahead of my fishing trip to Montana in early July, my old fly-casting instructor gave me some troubling advice. “Cancel your trip,” said Dusty […]

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Looks like summer is cancelled…. (haha, April Fools’!)

They’re Gonna Blow! Doomsday preppers have been working themselves into a frenzy way (way!) ahead of the Yellowstone supervolcano’s next eruption From Outside Magazine When will Yellowstone’s supervolcano erupt? Some would have you believe very soon. According to the website Preppers World USA, the supervolcano bubblingbeneath Yellowstone National Park is showing imminent signs of annihilating everything within […]

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