September 2014

Bear attack in Glacier: Today Show Interview

Katie Couric Interview with Bear Attack Survivors Here is Katie Couric’s interview of a father and daughter who were mauled recently. This brings into perspective the real danger of being in Grizzly country, and the importance of taking a few simple steps to prevent, or at least minimize, this potential risk. MAKE NOISE. If the two had been ‘announcing’ themselves (i.e. […]

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Montana Office Drama: Who ate the last doughnut?

Auggie at Phasmid

Auggie (right, Head of Security), and Peter (left, Chief of Couch Care) reviewing security footage of who ate the last doughnut. Auggie has a thing for raised old-fashioneds, and he does look a little guilty… however, beware of people who point fingers!

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Montana is Happiest State in US!

Well, Obviously….   From the Huffington Post: The Happiest States In America Might Also Be The Prettiest The Huffington Post  | By Lisa_Miller Last week, Gallup released the results of a poll asking Americans how they feel about living in their home states. The results left us with one thought — a pretty state is a happy state. You […]

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