January 2015

Snow tires on Bozeman rental cars

Rental snow tires

The Ultimate in Winter Driving Safety Since 2016, Explore Rentals has equipped all of our rental Subaru Outbacks with premium snow tires. All of our Mercedes Benz Sprinter van rentals also have dedicated snow tires. Our Chevrolet Suburban rentals have vastly upgraded Michelin MS (Mud + Snow) tires. And of course being who we are, […]

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It worked!

WHAT IS PHASMID? 2-Years ago I enlisted the girlfriend and a grumpy father to mow-in “WHAT IS PHASMID?” in the back of the office, 275-yards x 50 yards high. It finally showed up on Google Earth. Take that you cranky nay-sayers!

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Top rated Montana movies

Here is the list, as compiled by IMBD ratings by the Billings Gazette. Some interesting ones here… Top rated Montana Movies  I have seen many, but certainly not all. Powwow Highway I recently saw and it left quite an impression. The one that I recently heard about was Missouri Breaks (not listed), starring Marlon Brando and […]

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