Build Your Camping Package

Phasmid Rentals offers a variety of rental “kits” in order to provide the ideal products for each budget and camper. At the bare minimum, one needs a tent, and a sleeping bag. It is highly recommended to have a sleeping pad as well as a cooking kit. They will provide much more comfort, cost less in the […]

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Fly Fishing in Montana

Bozeman-Drift-Boat-Rental (1 of 1)

Montana is an absolute mecca for the do-it-yourself fly-fishing adventurer. I’ve always been amazed by this unique aspect of Montana, from your average weekend warrior to serious fly-fishing expedition enthusiast, it is incredibly easy to do yourself. At Phasmid we take this one step further, doing the hard work for you. The do-it-yourself option is […]

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The Sleep-A-Ru

The Ultimate Campervan rental in Bozeman, Montana  Introducing the most fuel efficient, safest, affordable, and capable all-wheel-drive campervan in the world: the Sleep-A-Ru. New for 2015, and a Phasmid Original, the Sleep-A-Ru is a conversion for any of our rental Subaru Outbacks that is the perfect solution for the couple on the go that wants to […]

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Bozeman, Montana Fly-Fishing Resources

Montana Fly Fishing Reports

Let our experience guide you to the ultimate Montana fly-fishing adventure. At Phasmid Rentals we take fly-fishing very seriously. The owner of Phasmid, Will Casella, has a long history working at elite international fly-fishing lodges and maintains a very high standard of what the ‘right’ fly-fishing experience is. Our recommendations are the premier professionals in […]

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Phasmid’s Conservation Efforts in Montana

Share Montana

Too big for the few, too small for the many.   GO LOCAL. BE SMART. REDUCE AND REUSE. Our goal is not to change the world but rather change one Montana visitor at a time. We hope that each visitor will try a little bit to follow our lead. GO LOCAL. Without promoting and using […]

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Montana Fly Fishing Resources

Owner Will Casella

Bozeman, Montana’s Fly-Fishing Adventure Launching Pad Phasmid Rentals was founded on the premise of offering the right rental cars and rental gear to visiting anglers. If you are planning to fly-fish in Montana, using Phasmid Rentals will change your experience. In addition to offering rental cars that will get you the places you want to fish, […]

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