Outdoor Gear Rentals

Gear AlaCarte

For those that might not need complete gear packages or may just need a few items, our gear by AlaCarte is for you! Simply choose a category on the left and your items on the right. Return

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Build Your Camping Package

Phasmid Rentals offers a variety of rental “kits” in order to provide the ideal products for each budget and camper. At the bare minimum, one needs a tent, and a sleeping bag. It is highly recommended to have a sleeping pad as well as a cooking kit. They will provide much more comfort, cost less in the […]

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Yellowstone National Park Resources

Coyote hunting, Yellowstone National Park

The Adventure of a Lifetime, Yellowstone National Park America’s first, and best national park, offers visitors stunning scenery and wildlife viewing opportunities unrivaled elsewhere in the world. Bozeman, Montana is the best start and end point for a Yellowstone adventure, and Phasmid Rentals is the perfect launching pad to provide everything you need to make […]

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Montana Adventure Rentals: Rental Cars and Rental Gear

Car rental Bozeman, MT

    Rental Cars and Rental Gear for All of Your Montana Adventures Phasmid Adventure rentals is Bozeman, Montana’s premier car rental and outdoor gear rental agency. Located adjacent to the Bozeman Airport, Phasmid provides an unparalleled level of service and convenience. We are a brick-and-mortar, independent, locally owned rental agency in business since 2010. […]

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