Fly Fishing in Montana

Bozeman-Drift-Boat-Rental (1 of 1)

Montana is an absolute mecca for the do-it-yourself fly-fishing adventurer. I’ve always been amazed by this unique aspect of Montana, from your average weekend warrior to serious fly-fishing expedition enthusiast, it is incredibly easy to do yourself. At Phasmid we take this one step further, doing the hard work for you. The do-it-yourself option is […]

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New for 2014

Coming soon, Summer 2014! Since the beginning of Phasmid is 2011, we have faced ups and downs but always ended with significant growth. Summer of 2014 will show are largest stage of growth yet. The winter/ ski season this year was simply awesome. Big Sky continues to rock, and Bridger Bowl seems to be stepping […]

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PHASMID IS NOW EXPLORE RENTALS! If you have not been redirected, please go to our new website.   Everything you need for Montana and Yellowstone adventures

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Phasmid’s Story

Montana owned car rental agency

Everything you need to experience more. What is Phasmid Rentals? Phasmid Rentals is a brick-and-mortar business in Bozeman, Montana (Belgrade actually, but they are one in the same) that offers car rentals and outdoor gear rentals. Our guest’s Experience is our primary goal, and we go to extensive lengths to make sure your time in Montana […]

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