New for 2014

Coming soon, Summer 2014!

Since the beginning of Phasmid is 2011, we have faced ups and downs but always ended with significant growth. Summer of 2014 will show are largest stage of growth yet. The winter/ ski season this year was simply awesome. Big Sky continues to rock, and Bridger Bowl seems to be stepping up their game- perhaps due to Big Sky’s price increases or good snow- who cares. Anyway, it has been a great start.

The biggest change that Phasmid will see is a huge addition of premium rental gear. We will add more Subarus and maybe another Suburban to the rental fleet, but are really excited about some of the great brands coming soon.

We have added Yeti Coolers, Brunton Optics, Ticla Tents and camping gear, more Big Agnes stuff, GoPro cameras, Roadshowers (these are AWESOME!), and more Camp Chef items. The list is extensive to say the least.

In addition to expansion of the rental gear lines, we have added an online gear reservation system. We hope this will make life easier for those who are online inclined. It is a little clunky now, but I am sure will be tweaked and smooth by June.

Conservation 2014


Phasmid will continue to lead the way in providing rental items required to safely camp and hike in Grizzly Country. We were the first (in the country) to rent bear spray and we are proud to offer an expanded line including approved Food Storage Containers; UDAP bear bins and Yeti Coolers. None of our guests have gotten eaten by a Grizzly yet, a fact that we are very proud of!


Phasmid continues to be a Trout Unlimited Endorsed Business, and owner Will Casella sits on the TUEB board of Advisors. Phasmid guests are welcome to a free Trout Unlimited membership.


We continually commit significant amounts to Montana non-profit efforts. Some are local, some statewide. KGLT, Trout Unlimited, Friends of the NRA (not Federal NRA- there is a HUGE difference), Sierra Club, Red Cross, Children’s Museum- and the list goes on.

Our ‘spare change’ program is still in effect; any change found in the rental cars is donated to Travelers for Open Lands.


Food: This winter we have been telling our visitors that are staying in Vacation Homes/ Condos to leave their non-perishable food items in the rental car and we will donate to the local food bank. We hate to think of so much food getting thrown out when there are plenty of hungry people around. Since campers generally buy more non-perishable items, we greatly encourage renters to just leave it in the car and we will drop it off.

Bottled Water: Aaaaargh! We have a new fridge in the office, it is full of drinks (unopened) that renters leave in the cars. The water from the tap in Montana is great- way better than anything put into a plastic bottle!

Maps and Tourist info: We will continue to reuse whenever possible.

Reading Material: New for 2014! Need something to read on the plane? Help yourself to our selection of magazines and books! If you are finished with something, leave it for the next person.

We are always open to new ideas. If you have any thoughts on how we can improve please let us know!