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Valley of Snow Tires

It didn’t necessarily happen soon or happen fast, but good news for you ski bums, it is officially winter time here in Montana and we couldn’t be more stoked!!!! The past two weeks we have seen seasonably cooler temperatures and snow working its way down into the valleys more and more often. With big game […]

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Getting lost – Montana’s Public Land

  One of the greatest and most valuable treasures we have here in the “Treasure State” are Montana’s public (and state) lands. This is truly the backbone of all true Montanans lifestyles; providing ample land to use, for free, to pursue whatever outdoor passions you may have. These pieces of land include BLM (Bureau of […]

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Work Work Work Explore Explore Explore. Rinse. Repeat.

As has been the routine for us around Phasmid Rentals (now Explore-Adventures). The past month and throughout August marks our peak season here and we have been busy enough the blog posts had to take a bit of a backseat. That being said, our out-of-work adventuring thankfully hasn’t! What can I say. It feels like the summers […]

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Driving the Beartooth Hwy

Beautiful views from the Beartooth Hwy

  The Beartooth Hwy offers a unique beautiful drive as you enter or exit Yellowstone National park.  The scenic views and mountainsides dotted with wildflowers are only open for a limited time due to snow.  Don’t miss out on a chance to see some truly spectacular sites.  Rent a Subaru or Suburban which handles the […]

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Gateway Businesses For The Park

Gateway Businesses for The Park

Phasmid Continues Conservation Efforts with Gateway Businesses For The Park Because we really like Yellowstone National Park, and because YNP (being federally funded) often needs help, Phasmid has recently joined the gang: Gateway Businesses for the Park- an extension of the Yellowstone Park Foundation. Phasmid is among the first members of this effort and will provide […]

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Bear attack in Glacier: Today Show Interview

Katie Couric Interview with Bear Attack Survivors Here is Katie Couric’s interview of a father and daughter who were mauled recently. This brings into perspective the real danger of being in Grizzly country, and the importance of taking a few simple steps to prevent, or at least minimize, this potential risk. MAKE NOISE. If the two had been ‘announcing’ themselves (i.e. […]

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Fox News (At Large) Bear Attack in Montana!

Wow- this is very disturbing. 1) If they were hunting spring bear season and could not identify black or griz, shame!  2) You are trying to kill something and it attacks you? Serves you right. 3) FOX news picked it up. And provided horrible reporting. Man seriously injured from bear attack in Montana Published June 02, […]

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Bear spray saves man’s life

Article published in the Livingston Enterprise: Grizzly bear charges hiker in Mill Creek area Published: Fri, 05/30/2014 – 3:00pm |  Rose Brown – Enterprise Staff Writer A hiker was treated for minor injuries Thursday afternoon after encountering a Grizzly sow and cubs in the Mill Creek area. A surprised mother grizzly charged the man three times, but […]

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Phasmid Rentals is officially a Trout Unlimited Endorsed Business

Trout Unlimited Logo

In our continual efforts to preserve and protect, our recent efforts through Trout Unlimited have been recognized. Consequently, Phasmid Rentals is now officially a Trout Unlimited Endorsed business. In the past 3-years Phasmid Rentals has donated over $6,000 worth of auction items to both local and national TU chapters. We hope that fellow TU members and […]

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Increased Bear and Human Activity Anticipated in Southwest Montana

Free Bear Spray Rentals for Non-Resident Hunters Montana and Wyoming studies of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem have revealed a downturn in Whitebark Pine cone production this fall, likely increasing the chances of human/ bear interactions. To assist in minimizing permanent impact on bears (and humans), Bozeman’s Phasmid Rentals is offering free bear spray education and […]

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Phasmid Featured by Conserve Montana

Phasmid featured by Conserve Mo

Phasmid was featured in the online efforts of Conserve Montana, a non-profit seeking to ‘Conserve Montana’- in association with the Cinnabar Foundation and Keystone Conservation. The original article can be found here: Conserve Montana Bear Responsible. BEAResponsible: Introducing Rentable Bear Spray Legacies and Projects : New Projects and Visions   Author: Lisa Upson Project Summary […]

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Phasmid in the Bozone

Phasmid Featured in the Bozone

Phasmid featured in Bozeman’s ace local rag, the original can be found here:  The Bozone.   Local biz frontrunner in sustainable tourism Belgrade’s Phasmid Rentals is an independent car and gear rental agency that provides rental Subaru Outbacks and Chevrolet Suburbans, rental bear spray, camping and fly-fishing gear, and travel planning services. As tourism continues to […]

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Hunter’s encouraged to carry bear spray in Montana

Phasmid Featured In The Hunting LIfe

Found this recently when noodling around the internet seeing what is new about Phasmid.   This article is posted here: The Hunting Life    Call to Action: Non-Resident Hunters to Carry Bear Spray in Montana Posted by: Kevin Paulson Posted date: May 29, 2013 In: Hunting News | comment : 1 Comment For the past […]

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Phasmid, Keystone Conservation, and UDAP Bear Spray Awareness Seminar

Rental Bear Spray

BOZEMAN BEAR SPRAY AWARENESS SEMINAR Phasmid Rentals, Keystone Conservation, and UDAP are proud to sponsor a Bear Spray Awareness clinic at East Gallatin Recreation Area on June 1, 2013, 10:00AM. The clinic will be open and free of charge to the public. Attendees will be instructed on bear biology and bear safety in the backcountry […]

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Phasmid in local news

Phasmid NBC KVTM Bear Spray Video Clip

KVTM Bozeman Features Phamsid Rentals Rental Bear Spray Program Saturday, May 12. KVTM, our local NBC affiliate did a short piece on Phasmid’s Bear Spray rental program. Check out the link below: Phasmid KVTM Clip

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