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Camping in Yellowstone National Park

Hello campers and adventurers, Summer is fast approaching, which means it is time to start planning the best way to use those long, warm days. Due to our proximity to Yellowstone National Park, we field a lot of questions about the best places to camp in the park. Here are a few pointers and recommendations […]

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Float the Yellowstone River

Floating the Yellowstone River

When the temperature heats up in southwest Montana the locals know that to beat the heat they need to get on the water.  The Yellowstone River flows north out of Yellowstone National Park through Paradise Valley then continues north past Livingston.  A wonderful day can be spent floating leisurely down the river enjoying the water […]

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The Zzz-burban

New for 2016, the Zzz-burban! The second best campervan rental in the world! So you want to go deep into the outdoors and not have to worry about getting eaten by bears or setting up a tent? This is the product for you! Expanding on our concept of the Sleep-A-Ru, we have made custom inserts that […]

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Why do we upgrade tires on our rental Suburbans?

Bozeman Rental Car with 10-Ply Tires

A couple weeks ago, our summer fleet of 2014 Chevrolet Suburbans arrived. Some had brand new 4-ply tires, and some had the standard Goodyear HP 4-ply factory highway tires. As per our routine, we replaced all of the 4-plies with premium Michelin 10-ply (load range E) tires. This process costs us A LOT of money. Being […]

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“Montanans fail to embarrass themselves on Google map”


          Here is a very funny article from ED KEMMICK, from The Last Best News I am proud to call myself a resident of Montana this morning. Why? Because I stumbled across a map of the United States that shows how Google automatically completed the phrase, “How much does (blank) cost […]

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Annual price gouging has begun.

Yellowstone Golden Eagles

It is officially that time of year. Fresh snow on the mountains. Christmas stuff being sold in stores. And when the franchise rental car companies figure that if visitors have enough money to come to Montana over Christmas, they can afford to pay obscene rates for a rental car. The last couple of days we have had numerous […]

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Montana Office Drama: Who ate the last doughnut?

Auggie at Phasmid

Auggie (right, Head of Security), and Peter (left, Chief of Couch Care) reviewing security footage of who ate the last doughnut. Auggie has a thing for raised old-fashioneds, and he does look a little guilty… however, beware of people who point fingers!

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Montana Travel Planning Resources

Phasmid Loves Montana

TRAVEL PLANNING RESOURCES Number 1 Site for Planning your adventures: Chamber Of Commerce’s: West Yellowstone Chamber Of Commerce Street Address: 30 Yellowstone Avenue West Yellowstone, MT 59758                                                                                                                                                          Mailing Address: PO Box 458 West Yellowstone, MT 59758                                                                                                                                                         Phone: 406-646-7701                                                                                                                                                                 Website:                                                                               […]

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