Number 8: Convenience

Car Rentals, Montana Style

Car Rentals, Montana Style

You will be on the road by the time everyone else starts waiting in line.

BZN Rental Car LotsNot only is Phasmid Rentals Bozeman airport’s closest off-airport rental car agency, our exclusive agreement with the airport allows us to park right out front of arrivals making it the most convenient and fastest way to rent a car. On your scheduled arrival, a team member is waiting for you by baggage claim with a placard, helps you with your bags to your rental car waiting right out front, drives you back to the office (about 4-minutes to drive out of airport and 2-minutes at 60mph to office), sign the paperwork, help you with maps and anything else you may need, and you are off. On your departure, stop by the office, a team member will jump in the car and drop you right off in front of the departures terminal.

This means you never have to wait in line. You never have to schlep your bags across the airport and through the rental car lot. You do not need to chip ice off of a rental car at 11:00pm at night. And… you certainly do not need to haul your bags from the rental car return lot which is even further away.

Our off-airport rental car competition are located over 10-miles away from the airport. Not Car Rental Bozeman, MT only is it 10-miles, but it is through multiple interchanges and traffic lights. The drive to either of these locations will take from 15-minutes to 30-minutes depending on the traffic.


The bottom line is Phasmid Rentals is BY FAR the most convenient and fastest rental car option available at the Bozeman Airport.