Fly Fishing Poindexter Slough – Dillion, MT

There is something about fishing a creek no wider than an S-10 Blazer is long and seeing brown trout come out of it that are so big they literally scare you.


I had two days off work with some nice mild weather projected, low to mid-forties with lots of sunshine and supposedly low winds. Boss man has been on my case to go explore and fish something other than my go-to spots so I decided to take my days and drive out to some water near the town of Dillion, Montana. Dillion is a unique town and there aren’t many places like it left. There is just enough of nothing to do there that it hasn’t seen the growth or modernization that a lot of towns in Montana have. It very much still retains that rustic, old, small-town feel and feels very authentic. Much akin to how many of the towns in the west may have been 25 or 30 years ago.

I got into Dillion late morning under sunny skies with a fair bit of wind. I hightailed it straight to the first fly shop I saw, Frontier Angler. I must say, it was a very well stocked and organized shop with just about everything you could need. The fellow I talked to inside was very friendly and gave me some pretty good beta on what to expect for the chunk of water I had been planning on fishing as well as what to look for bug-wise.

The wind continued to build up and by the time I reached the water it was to the point where I was forced to go with my last option, fishing streamers. Ruining any chance I had of nymphing or dry-fly fishing. Fortunately, I was sitting on a whole pile of streamers from tying all winter. Where I went is no real big secret. Poindexter Slough is about 3 miles outside of “downtown” Dillion, within ear shot of all the major roads around town. The creek itself is flanked entirely by super thick brush and thickets, making it feel much larger and much more isolated than it actually is. The fish it holds will make you feel like you are some other place entirely. Maybe New Zealand. Being as close as it is to everything you would think that it gets a lot of pressure, however I am not entirely sure that is true. It is hands down not an easy place to fish, especially with any amount of wind. Most areas are very narrow as I mentioned and there aren’t many opportunities for back-casts. On top of this, it is not necessarily an easy river to wade. Although its narrow there are some very deep cuts and unlike most rivers around here, the bottom is very soft and silty. If you are planning on wading it I would suggest not going solo because there are a few places where I sunk up to my chest and was for the most part, stuck. Im sure this place is riddled with rattlesnakes during the warmer months as well.

I did manage to land two fish on streamers. Saw countless other monsters erupt out of the deep after my streamers as well, quite a few chases, looks and short strikes. My last fish was my best, about a 21” Brown. All in all it was great, and just made me want to go fish the Beaverhead even worse than I did before. I’ll certainly be back. Maybe in a few weeks when the Blue Wing Olive’s start coming around.




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