Camper Go-Bag


All the stuff you will need around the camp, without having to buy it or think about it!

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Camp smarter, not harder!

We have learned a thing or two over the years, and this kit contains all of that experience and knowledge. This kit is perfect for those that are new to camping, and for seasoned pros.

The following is a list of what is in this kit, and why. Clockwise from left.

  1. LED Lantern. Because it is hard to do things in the dark. These lanterns are super efficient and cast an even light great for in or out of the tent.
  2. Headlamp x 1. Much better for completing tasks (like eating or going to the bathroom) in the dark than the lantern.
  3. First-Aid Kit. These first-aid kits are the real-deal if an emergency does happen in the outdoors.
  4. Hand Sanitizer. Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks, and Yellowstone do a great job of keeping outhouses clean, but they do not have sinks.
  5. Sunscreen. Because you will probably forget to bring yours.
  6. Bugspray. See above.
  7. Toilet Paper. In a plastic zip-lock. Self-explanatory.
  8. Paper towels. Great for cleaning up camp and starting fires in tough conditions.
  9. Leather Work Gloves. Immensely useful around camp and camp fires.
  10. Matches. In plastic bag. In case lighter fails.
  11. Firestarters. Also in a plastic bag. It is typically very easy to start a fire with dry kindling/ small sticks/ dry grass/ pinecones/ etc. which are lying on the ground all over the place. However, sometimes it does rain and these can save the day.
  12. Parachute Cord. Hang your clothes to dry, or hang your food to be bear safe.
  13. Folding Shovel. Great for digging a ‘cathole’ to go potty in where there are no out-houses. Also great for fully extinguishing a campfire and required for camping in many National Forests.
  14. Hatchet. Use the sharp end to cut wood, the dull end for pounding in tent stakes. Also works great around the camp fire moving logs, BBQ grates, etc.
  15. BBQ lighter. It is much easier to start a fire with one of these, than with matches.

The kit is all packed in a plastic bucket. The bucket is great for bringing water up to camp for dishes as well as dousing a camp fire. Plus, it keeps everything dry and adds another seat around the campfire.

Consumables Items contained in this kit are intended to be used in back-up situations, but not relied upon fully. Quantities of consumables are enough for emergency situations. Example: bug spray may be half full. More than enough in an emergency, but not enough for a family of 8 to use 3-times a day. Same with toilet paper, papertowels, firestarters, rope, bugspray, sunscreen, hand sanitizer and first-aid kit. These items are here for ‘Just in Case’ circumstances, not for full-time reliance.

Camp Tools are meant to be used, but not abused or lost. These include hatchet, shovel, work gloves, headlamp, and lantern. It is very easy to forget one of these items at a campsite. If kit is returned without an item, or if item is returned broken, you will be charges the following amount. Hatchet $40, shovel $35, gloves $12, headlamp $30, lantern $40.

First-Aid Kit are intended for emergency use. These are professional level, outdoor specific kits, made to handle severe situations. This is a very serious matter. Please do not rummage through the kit looking for an aspirin for your hang-over. Bring your own aspirin for this. If you cut off your finger chopping wood, then use the kit. It has everything you need to minimize severe trauma in an outdoor environment.

If you use the First-Aid kit, please let us know so we can replace/ refill accordingly!!!

Replacement cost of the First-Aid kit is $80.

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