Super Deluxe Car Glamp for Two


Everything you need (and some things you just want) for an extremely comfortable and well appointed, any season Montana camping/ road trip for two.

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For those who do not want to compromise.

Our Super Deluxe Car Glamp for Two (SDCG2) is the ultimate in comfort and flexibility. Although this kit does not require one of our rental cars, it does require a Chevrolet Suburban or a Subaru Outback. Prices range from $60/day for Subarus, $85/day for Suburbans and up (+taxes), depending on availability/ seasonality. We will book out of cars in the summer, but pretty much always have camping inventory. In other words, book the car first, then add the gear.

This package is ideal for couples that want to be able to sleep in the vehicle (i.e. not have to set up a tent or sleep on ground, or get eaten by a bear), but also have comfort and capability of driving an SUV. Very simply put you will get far superior gas mileage, safety, and comfort driving a Subaru or Suburban than any Campervan/ RV rental available.

Note: The Suburban/ Zzz-burban combo is significantly more spacious than the Subaru/ Sleep-A-Ru combos. Adding a roof-box to a Subaru will give you more interior comfort. All you will likely need to buy is fuel (for you, the car, stove, and fire).

Included in your package:

  1. The Zzz-Burban or Sleep-A-Ru. These custom made units provide vastly improved storage, super comfortable removable 4″ foam mattress, and custom tailgate tent for sleeping inside of vehicle.
  2. Super Deluxe Cooking Kit for 2. Everything you need to cook gourmet meals in the outdoors, from your fully loaded spice kit, utensils, pots and pans, plates, tools, and a 40,000BTU stove.
  3. Complete bedding for two. With the SDCG2 we provide actual bedding: premium sheets, 2 x real pillows, comforter, and an extra warm blanket. This will all be set up on arrival.
  4. 2 x deluxe folding chairs and 1 x standard folding camp table.
  5. Camper Go-Bag (includes shovel, hatchet, extra TP, paper towels, fire starters, matches, first aid kit, extra sunscreen, bug dope, hand sanitizer)
  6. 1 x LED lantern and 2 x headlamps.
  7. 1 x welcome mat (makes putting your shoes on in morning way nicer)
  8. Bear spray rental x 2
  9. Yeti 45 x 1, Standard Cooler x 1 (one food, one drinks)
  10. Premium binocular rental x 1
  11. Montana Atlas and Gazetteer x 1

With this rental package all you need to bring is a change of clothes and a sense of adventure!