Standard Car Camper Cooking Kit


All the cooking basics to enjoy cooking in the outdoors. Priced per person, per day.

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Cooking outdoors does not require compromises.

This kit is excellent for those looking to do some cooking at their campsite without going too over the top. Over the years that we have provided cooking kits, this one contains the most used items. Utensils and spices are packed in a plastic bin that doubles as a wash basin. The entire kit is packed in one of our ‘special’ bags to make transportation easy and to keep pine needles/ leaves off of your cooking things when you set up camp.

This kit is priced per person, per day.

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Included in the Standard Car Camper Cooking Kit:

  1. Standard two burner propane cooking stove (you need to provide fuel)
  2. GSI stainless steel nesting pot set. Lids double as frying pans.
  3. Plates, mugs, bowls and silverware for each person.
  4. Spatula, tongs, large spoon, sharp knife, can opener, vegetable peeler, corkscrew, BBQ lighter, cutting board.
  5. Salt, pepper, sugar, no-salt organic seasoning, vegetable oil.
  6. Biodegradable dish detergent, sponge, dish towel.


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