Rendevous Food Truck

Not sure a rendezvous with Rendezvous will happen

Having put off eating dinner till 11:00pm or so last weekend, decided to try one of the all-of-a-sudden prevalent food trucks on Main street Bozeman. As a lover of street food, everything from guinea pig in Ecuador, shwarma in Russia, escargot in Belgium, to dried crab in Sri Lanka- I consider myself ‘a bit more than average’ when it comes to this stuff.

Well, first off, the truck looks pretty clean. Rendezvous Food TruckWasn’t too impressed that the guys in the truck were more interested in their phones than the customer (me). Menu offered a variety of offerings including a nice selection of unusual crepes. After order placed, and a long wait (10+ minutes) a foil wrapped bomb arrived.

For Bozeman, it was OK. For $7.50 late night street food, not hugely impressed in the broader spectrum.

Reckon because the truck was pretty clean and was probably 500 or so greasy calories, we’ll give it 3-stars. 3Car-StarsNot going to rush back, but might eat there again.