Sorry guys- we had no intention of negatively effecting your business.

Our opinions regarding publicly published pricing have been misconstrued as libel and false advertising.

Our intentions were to inform the consumer on how major seasonally adjusted pricing can be, and the importance of researching pricing and planning ahead. 

Our opinions on publicly published prices were not intended as libel, copyright or trademark infringement, or false advertising.

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For a blog post we made over Christmas, we have been threatened with ‘libel’, ‘federal trademark infringement’, ‘Copyright infringement’, and ‘False Advertising’.

This nationally operated, multi-location franchise had their lawyers from Chicago call and threaten our locally owned, independent business. In this blog post, we commented on their publicly published prices. We did not lie, or misconstrue any facts regarding this business, and their business practices.

The facts as we see it:

  • An unnamed, off-airport, rental car operator significantly raised their prices over 400% for the 2015 Christmas Season ($425/ day). These rates were published prominently over the internet via booking portals such as Expedia.
  • We took a screen-grab off of Expedia, displaying the rate and total, as well the company’s logo, that they had (presumably) provided Expedia. We did not extract logo or company name, or use it any manner as otherwise provided by Expedia on their price comparison page.
  • We phrased our opinion, in the first person, that this amount (42% higher than the competition) was greedy, jerky, and price gouging.
  • We also stated that this company had inferior rental cars. This is also fact. At the time, their rental car fleet was comprised of 2014 or older Chevrolet Suburbans (the previous generation body style). Their closest priced competitors at $290/ day, all had 2015 or newer Chevrolet Suburbans. Therefore, the competitors that were referred too, had superior products. I do not think anyone in the world could argue that a vehicle model launched in 2007 was not inferior to a model launched in 2015.
  • Their location, as we had mentioned, and distance from the airport was accurate within 1/10 of one mile.
  • At the time, this business was operating under two distinctly different names.
  • This was published on our website within our very opinionated blog, our ‘Resources’ pages. We also publish reviews of restaurants and other services within this section of our website. We do not accept any pay or trade for anything published, they are simply opinions with the intention of informing incoming visitors of local businesses/ places we recommend and to be avoided. There are countless other websites/ blogs that offer travel recommendations. Yelp, Trip Advisor, Lonely Planet, and millions of other websites/ books/ magazines phrase contributors’ opinions on products and businesses.
  • We are sorry to visitors of the area. This type of daily rate inevitably leaves a terrible taste in the consumers mouth, and it is an unfair representation of the many businesses here that strive to provide a fair price for a fair product. Being there are not any price gouging laws in Montana, it is within their right to charge as much as they like.
  • Their publicly published prices are the sole responsibility of their business owners/ operators. We have no control over their pricing. We (I) simply commented on the fact that they published a very high price, and of that we did not have a good opinion.
  • We are indeed sorry that the blog post we published showed predominately on Google searches when search words included the company’s name and regional location. This was not our intention. Google parces and queues internet  content uncontrollably. The URL was an automatically generated wordpress name and has subsequently been changed.
  • It is very important to note these were publicly published rates that were associated with this company’s name and logo, as they provided Expedia. They were not altered by us, nor taken directly off of their business’ website.


It is solely by mistake that Google featured this blog post so prominently. It was not our intention to negatively impact this company in question. Our businesses offer different products and cater to significantly different consumers. We do not even view this company as competition, our products and services are so different.

It is my opinion (and only my opinion, kind of like ‘I think the best color is green’), that a 400% ‘Christmas’ price increase is not good for our local tourism based economy, nor fair to the consumer.

Regardless, we have completely deleted all mentions of this other company as best as possible and will not mention their business name again. We also apologize for any inconveniences or problems this may have caused.

Our intentions were not to malign, but simply rather inform the consumer. Our phrased opinions were based solely on openly published facts. At the time of publishing we were completely booked out of all rental vehicles, so it was certainly not in an effort to gain additional business.

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