Montana Adventure Rentals

  • Montana Adventure Rentals
    Phasmid rents everything you need for Montana Adventures: rental cars, camping gear, bear spray, and...
  • Bozeman Subaru Outback Rentals
    Bozeman Subaru Outback Rentals
    The perfect rental car for exploring Montana.
  • Bozeman Chevrolet Suburban Rentals
    The original, and still the best, rocky mountain land yacht.
  • Rent Bear Spray
    Rental Bear Spray
    Phasmid is the world's first renter of bear spray.
  • Rental Camping Gear in Bozeman
    Camping Gear Rentals
    Light and fast or full blown glamping, Phasmid rents everything you need for the outdoors.
  • Your Start for Ultimate Yellowstone National Park Adventures
    Yellowstone National Park Specialists
    Get the most out of your Yellowstone Experience.
  • Montana Road Trip
    Explore the beauty of Montana
    Phasmid is the only rental car company that provides cars that can safely explore Montana at anytime...
  • Rental Fly-Fishing Equipment
    Montana Fly Fishing Pros
    Phasmid provided rental drift boats, waders and boots, fly rods, and the right information.
  • Whatever your adventure, we have what you need.
    Wildlife viewing, exploring small towns, or seeking a trophy.

Phasmid is Montana Adventure Rentals.

We are an independently owned, and original, company based in Bozeman, Montana. Phasmid rents everything you need for Montana Adventures: superior rental cars, camping gear, fly fishing equipment, bear spray, and a multitude of innovative products that enable you to have the ultimate Montana Experience.

Superior rental options, unparalleled service, and local expertise- that is who we are.