The Sleep-A-Ru

The Ultimate Campervan rental in Bozeman, Montana Ultimate Montana Campervan: The Sleep-A-Ru

Introducing the most fuel efficient, safest, affordable, and capable all-wheel-drive campervan in the world: the Sleep-A-Ru.

New for 2015, and a Phasmid Original, the Sleep-A-Ru is a conversion for any of our rental Subaru Outbacks that is the perfect solution for the couple on the go that wants to spend more time doing, and less time setting up camp.

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The Sleep-A-Ru by day

Sleep-A-Ru Features:

  • Custom 4″ upholstered folding foam mattress, or a Big Agnes Hinman Doublewide camping pad (gives a little more headroom).
  • Custom wooden insert that provides a full 72″ x 42″, flat, sleeping surface
  • 2 x removable 44″ x 20″ x 6″ plastic bins, perfect for cooking gear and food storage
  • Custom rear tailgate tent, provides ventilation, mosquito netting, and views
  • Tent does not have to be used, increasing safety while camping in Grizzly Bear Country or comfort in inclement weather

Subaru Outback Features:

  • 31- MPG on the highway
  • Highest safety rating in its class
  • Full time All Wheel Drive
  • 8.7 Inches of ground clearance
  • Deep tinted windows for privacy

    Sleep-A-Ru by night.

    Sleep-A-Ru by night.

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Add the two together and you have the ultimate Montana Roadtripping machine.

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