Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing Poindexter Slough – Dillion, MT

There is something about fishing a creek no wider than an S-10 Blazer is long and seeing brown trout come out of it that are so big they literally scare you.   I had two days off work with some nice mild weather projected, low to mid-forties with lots of sunshine and supposedly low winds. […]

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Fish on the brain

This time of year it is hard to not occasionally have your mind be other places. The temperature seems like it will never be above 20° again and the snow flies constantly. The days it does manage to get above freezing feel like a blessing and remind you of a warmer place and time. Peoples […]

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Free bear spray rentals for Yellowstone National Park anglers

Bear spray in yellowstone

Bozeman, MT (July 25, 2016) – Explore Rentals is doing their part to ensure the safety of anglers in Yellowstone National Park by offering free bear spray rentals as well as education on how to behave while fishing in grizzly bear country. At a time of year when Old Faithful is throbbing with tour buses, […]

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Exploring Around Home – 6/21

What can I say, business has really started to pick up around here and unfortunately the blog updates had to take a backseat for a few weeks. That being said, I am back!!! Instead of profiling a single location like I usually do I decided to do something a little bit different with this post […]

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Mothers Day Caddis Action and Instagram!

One more quick update for the day. Phasmid Rentals is now LIVE on Instagram! Everybody go give us some likes, follows, and shares @phasmidadventurerentals The fishing has been going off out here in Big Sky country! Check out this video of a Mothers Day Caddis blanket hatch on the Yellowstone River from 5/2 – […]

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Sometimes you have to improvise – 5/2

I had the day off and had made plans to take out the waterskeeter for some float fishing on the lower Madison. Most of the other stuff around here is blown out and not really fishing at this point and I was looking forward to a nice easy day of catching fish. Beautiful day from […]

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Upper and Lower Madison – 4/19-16

Last Tuesday and Wednesday I had some time off to get out of dodge and go get some more fishing in before run-off season is fully upon us. It is a good thing I did as we are currently sitting on the back end of a pretty solid week of sub-par weather conditions. As of […]

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Yellowstone River in February Fly Fishing Report

On a whim, I called the Great Kimboli for a Yellowstone River float trip on one of the unseasonable warm days we had this past winter. Fishing wasn’t brilliant, but we did bring a couple of nice browns to hand on dead-drifted golden stones. Right before the sun ducked behind the horizon quite a few […]

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Madison Valley Sunday April 3rd

I had a day off of work to kill on Sunday (4/3/16) and decided to get out and fish for a little bit. We had excellent spring weather and not wanting to mess with something that is already perfect I headed back down to the Upper Madison to fish for the day. Although somewhat uneventful it was […]

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Madison Valley March 25th

More than just a rental agency, we at Phasmid want you to share our employees experiences and adventures throughout Montana. Pro-Staff Adventures is our way of doing this and keeping our customers in the loop.      Since this is my first post I will give a brief introduction of who I am; My name is […]

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Phasmid Rentals: Huffington Post


For the Huff Post Reader: Swollen rivers, but great fly fishing in Montana           DESMOND BUTLER | August 3, 2011 05:12 PM EST |  Compare other versions » TWIN BRIDGES, Mont. — Ahead of my fishing trip to Montana in early July, my old fly-casting instructor gave me some troubling advice. “Cancel your trip,” said Dusty […]

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French Team 2013

Christian's Brown trout on Missouri

Had an opportunity to share a couple nights camping and a day fishing on the Missouri with the ‘French Team’ this year. The fishing on the Mo was tough, but the Montana Wild Bird Paella and the Dickle-pickles were awfully good! [SlideDeck2 id=1750]

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Phasmid Montana Pescar con Mosca!

Montana Fly Fishing Con Mosca

Here is an article by a renter in 2011 featured in his blog. The original article can be found here:   Montana 2011 Detalles/1 Publicado el 8 septiembre, 2011 por aguirao Una de las cosas que más te sorprende en USA, son lo excelentemente detallados y cuidados que están los accesos de pesca en […]

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Craig, Montana

Favorite Spot to fish is on the Missouri River in Craig, Montana. Brandan caught the “big one”, a 20″ Rainbow Trout.

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MT Photo of the Week; French Team

Fly Fishing the Missouri River

As spring seems to creep closer and closer daily, I was drawn by this one from the archives as it looks so summery and beautiful. This photo comes from the ‘French Team’, a group of 4 who have come to fish in Montana for two weeks with Phasmid for the past 3-years. Yesterday they just […]

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