Getting lost – Montana’s Public Land

  One of the greatest and most valuable treasures we have here in the “Treasure State” are Montana’s public (and state) lands. This is truly the backbone of all true Montanans lifestyles; providing ample land to use, for free, to pursue whatever outdoor passions you may have. These pieces of land include BLM (Bureau of […]

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Exploring Around Home – 6/21

What can I say, business has really started to pick up around here and unfortunately the blog updates had to take a backseat for a few weeks. That being said, I am back!!! Instead of profiling a single location like I usually do I decided to do something a little bit different with this post […]

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Mothers Day Caddis Action and Instagram!

One more quick update for the day. Phasmid Rentals is now LIVE on Instagram! Everybody go give us some likes, follows, and shares @phasmidadventurerentals The fishing has been going off out here in Big Sky country! Check out this video of a Mothers Day Caddis blanket hatch on the Yellowstone River from 5/2 – […]

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Upper and Lower Madison – 4/19-16

Last Tuesday and Wednesday I had some time off to get out of dodge and go get some more fishing in before run-off season is fully upon us. It is a good thing I did as we are currently sitting on the back end of a pretty solid week of sub-par weather conditions. As of […]

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Madison Valley Sunday April 3rd

I had a day off of work to kill on Sunday (4/3/16) and decided to get out and fish for a little bit. We had excellent spring weather and not wanting to mess with something that is already perfect I headed back down to the Upper Madison to fish for the day. Although somewhat uneventful it was […]

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Hipster Dog Refuses to Leave Couch

  BELGRADE, MONTANA- Security dog of local car rental agency refuses to perform required hourly perimeter checks on grounds that his duties are unconstitutional. Augustus de Oro y Plata, known locally as Auggie, told reporters Thursday that he was not receiving fair compensation and was effectively indentured. “According to the 1787 Northwest Territories Act, without adequate dog-park trips and […]

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It worked!

WHAT IS PHASMID? 2-Years ago I enlisted the girlfriend and a grumpy father to mow-in “WHAT IS PHASMID?” in the back of the office, 275-yards x 50 yards high. It finally showed up on Google Earth. Take that you cranky nay-sayers!

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Montana Office Drama: Who ate the last doughnut?

Auggie at Phasmid

Auggie (right, Head of Security), and Peter (left, Chief of Couch Care) reviewing security footage of who ate the last doughnut. Auggie has a thing for raised old-fashioneds, and he does look a little guilty… however, beware of people who point fingers!

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Road Trip: Big Sheep Creek Scenic Byway

Sunrise heading into Dell. January 14, 2012 Road trip: Big Sheep Creek Byway Photos and story by Will Casella Contributor Dillon The town of Dillon sits at the crossroads of state Highway 41 and Interstate 15, on the banks of the Beaverhead River, in Beaverhead County. Named after the unique rock formation on the Jefferson […]

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Road Trip: Ennis to Centennial Valley

Published in Explore Big Sky by Phasmid’s Will Casella. Ennis to the Centennial Valley Guided road trip and photos by Will Casella Southwest Montana’s small towns and public lands offer endless exploration for locals and visitors alike. From casual scenic drives to hardcore backcountry adventures, Montana is what you make of it. The key is to […]

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Number 5: Auggie

Phasmid's Auggie

Meet Auggie, Office Dog Extraordinaire This is an odd reason to include, but it has been such a resounding favorite among our guests, it must be included. Our most requested rental item, and our Head of Security: Augustus de Oro y Plata, AKA Auggie. His welcoming presence in the office is a subtle reminder of […]

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Phasmid Montana Pescar con Mosca!

Montana Fly Fishing Con Mosca

Here is an article by a renter in 2011 featured in his blog. The original article can be found here:   Montana 2011 Detalles/1 Publicado el 8 septiembre, 2011 por aguirao Una de las cosas que más te sorprende en USA, son lo excelentemente detallados y cuidados que están los accesos de pesca en […]

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Phasmid in the Bozone

Phasmid Featured in the Bozone

Phasmid featured in Bozeman’s ace local rag, the original can be found here:  The Bozone.   Local biz frontrunner in sustainable tourism Belgrade’s Phasmid Rentals is an independent car and gear rental agency that provides rental Subaru Outbacks and Chevrolet Suburbans, rental bear spray, camping and fly-fishing gear, and travel planning services. As tourism continues to […]

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Phasmid Featured in French Mountain Biking Magazine

“…de conseils et d’un sens du services remarquables.” The recent issue of Velo Vert just arrived in our mailbox today, courtesy of previous guest Christophe Jobic, featuring an article on winter mountain biking in Yellowstone National Park – and reviews of the Salsa Beargrease bike. Can’t say that my highschool French has allowed me to […]

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Cheap off-airport parking at BZN?

Bozeman Park and Shine

Here is an article recently posted from our friends at the Unofficial Bozeman Airport Guide: Off-airport parking is nothing new, but it is now for the Bozeman Airport Recently our ‘sources’ have brought to our attention a company that is offering discounted airport parking for BZN. Well, this is not exactly true- but it is […]

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