Valley of Snow Tires

It didn’t necessarily happen soon or happen fast, but good news for you ski bums, it is officially winter time here in Montana and we couldn’t be more stoked!!!!

The past two weeks we have seen seasonably cooler temperatures and snow working its way down into the valleys more and more often. With big game season over (except for you shoulder season guys!) and the fishing slowing up its definitely time to wax the ski’s, bust out the fly tying vice and light up the fireplace.









Fortunately for us the fun doesn’t stop for winter time in Big Sky Country.






All of our cars are now winterized and geared up for winter. Our 12 passenger 4×4 Mercedes Sprinter van has got some wintertime upgrades including a fancy light bar, running bars and studded snow tires. Needless to say the Beast is geared up and ready.

New for 2017, we are no longer charging additional fees for snow tires on our rental Subaru Outbacks. When you book a car with us it is guaranteed to be AWD, impeccably maintained, and equipped for winter time driving in Montana, no strings attached. Rentals for Christmas week went early in the season but we are still sitting on great availability for January out.


The recent blasts of cold weather have given us a good opportunity to make some improvements here around the shop; we added in a Mezzanine for gear processing and storage and a new garage storage area, effectively adding a lot of room for expansion in our gear inventory and giving us more space to clean vehicles during the winter. Even though we have been busy around the shop we have all had plenty of time to get out and do what we do, explore. The girls both took big trips; Meredith spent almost a month climbing her way around Europe and generally being the bad ass she is. Laura decided to stay domestic and did a massive paddle through the Grand Canyon. Will and I stayed even more domestic. He has been busy out with the bird dog chasing Pheasants around the greater Montana region. I myself have been busy with tying flies for summer, hunting, and tromping around the home territory in the fresh snow. This past week I had a day off and went up to Hyalite Canyon to mess around in the snow, although a tenny bit chilly it was gorgeous. We had about 6.5″ of fresh snow from the previous day, just enough to be fun but not enough to warrant a need for snow shoes. We logged about 4 miles in just a few hours, taking our time and letting the pup enjoy the snow.



Here is a fun little side note; being from the South I have experienced many winters in the Appalachians (some pretty savage) but never in the Rockies or Montana. I received nothing but starch warnings from my southern constitutes, everything from ‘you are going to freeze to death’ to ‘you will be in Florida in two weeks’. Well, so far so good. I’m tremendously enjoying a real winter with real winter weather and not just the cold rain and ice that we are plagued with in the south. Even the other day with temps hovering around 0°F wind chill into the negative single digits, being outside all day I was very warm and very comfortable. As has been said everywhere for basically always, it is all about dressing right in layers. Out here is sure doesn’t take long to learn that. And another thing, you can never have enough *good* pairs of wool socks.

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An infinite moment, a single second of awe that can radiate across your entire life. A memory collected by your eyes, a quick snap, taken on an eternal, intangible negative. Light, it shapes our existence, it’s the familiar warmth on our skin and the architect of our most transcendent breaths. From the wide expanse of day, darkness waits to fall. Silent, steady, relentless, a river that can’t be stopped. But even in the darkest night a light holds waits for those who hold on to see, from the ashes of the afterglow, when our world gives way to the next. – Afterglow”