Yellowstone National Park Road Blocks

No rental car insurance = big problem with Yellowstone road block

The standard Yellowstone Roadblock

The standard Yellowstone Roadblock

Got a frantic call from a visitor in Big Sky tonight, Sunday, at about 9:30pm desperately seeking a rental car. Turns out the VRBO house owner in Big Sky provided their Suburban for the rental guests to use, unfortunately they did not provide proof of vehicle insurance.

Sounds like the  Federales set up a roadblock in Yellowstone today checking everyones license, registration, and insurance card. These ‘Safety Checks’ are not uncommon on highway 191 and surrounding areas during peak season.

These poor people did not have the insurance card.  The office issued them a formal warning, but now they are terrified if they go back to the Park and get pulled over again that is all she wrote. Or even worse, they drive the Suburban and get in an accident and the vehicle is not properly insured.

Now they are desperately trying to get from Big Sky to Bozeman to rent another car, but are of course terrified to drive the questionably insured VRBO Suburban. We would have delivered a rental car to them in Big Sky, even though it is 9:30pm on Sunday night, ’cause that is the type of stuff we do. Unfortunately, we are 100% booked out and no other rental car companies are picking up the phone. Go figure.

Moral of the story? If it is too good to be true (like a free rental Suburban), it probably isn’t true. Play (and pay) by the rules or a simple thing like a rental car can quickly ruin your vacation!


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